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Quick Look on ACM Products
Cas No.: 7681-57-4
Molecular Formula: Na2SO2O5
Molecular Weight: 190.12
Appearance : White crystalline powder with light odour of sulphur dioxide.
Manufacturing grades available : Technical, Photograde, Foodgrade
Synonyms: Sodium pyrosulfite, Sodium disulfite
§ Treatment of waste water : - To remove excess chlorine. e.g. From electroplating plants, to neutralize chromic acid, to reyymove excess chlorine in neutralization of cyanide. In special cases to remove oxygen from boiler feed water.

§ Food industry : - For preserving foodstuffs, as anti-melanosis additive for sea food. It is well-known as antioxgyen antistalling agent in fishery.

§ Photographic and film industry: - For preparing developer solutions, for acidifying fixing baths(photograde).

§ Chemicals and drugs : - As a reducing agent, for purifying and isolating aldehydes and kentones. For destroying waste bromide

§ Fibre industry : - In the sulphitisation of tanning extract.

§ Paper and pulp industry : - For bleaching ground wood, as an antichlor.

§ Gold mining : - To destroy cyanides.

§ Textile : - Dechlorinating agent and scouring agent of bleaching textile.

§ For cleaning and bleaching wool, jute and other vegetable fibres.

§ Commonly used in homebrewing and winemaking to sanitize equipments.

§ Available in Net 25kgs and 50kgs HDPE bags.
§ Not allowed in room with any oxidant or strong acid, and keep away from an oxidation by air or humidity.
§ This product should NOT stored for long time. DO NOT mix with inflammable substances, gasoline and oxidants.
§ During transportation, keep away from direct sunlight and humidity.








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