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Quick Look on ACM Products
Cas No.: 7631-90-5
Molecular Formula: NaHSO3
Molecular Weight: 104.06
Appearance : Free flowing white crystalline powder.
Synonyms: Sodium hydrogen sulphite, Sodium bisulfite.
§ Treatment of waste water : - To remove excess chlorine in neutralization of cyanide, neutralization of chromic acid.

§ Food industry : - For preserving foodstuffs(restricted use), as aid with the production of starch.

§ Chemicals and drugs : - As a reducing agent, for purifying and isolating aldehydes and kentones. More for to destroying waste bromide.

§ Industrial reducing agent : - As readily reacts with dissolved oxygen, but usually added to large piping systems to prevent oxidative corrosion. .

§ Paper and pulp industry : - For bleaching ground wood.

§ Leather industry: - Solubilizing tanning extracts.

§ Textile : - Cleaning and bleaching wool, jute and other vegetables fibres. For reduction in the dyeworks.

§ Sodium bisulphite is used in almost all commercial wines to prevent oxidation and preserve flavour.

§ Available in Net 25kgs and 50kgs HDPE bags.
§ Not allowed in room with any oxidant or strong acid, and keep away from an oxidation by air or humidity.
§ This product should NOT stored for long time. DO NOT mix with inflammable substances, gasoline and oxidants.
§ During transportation, keep away from direct sunlight and humidity.
BEWARE : We have found some manufacturer's are MIXING SEASALT WITH SODIUM SULPHITE and selling in cheap prices. PLUS Some companies has notice, user of less final production against imported china material. so think PURE BUY PURE ONLY.









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