Cas No.: 8001-54-5 (8045-21-4), 63449-41-2
Molecular Formula: C6 H5 CH2 N(CH3)2 Rcl,
Molecular wt.: 346.5 (bkc 50%)
Appearance : Clear Colourless Liquid
Synonyms: Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, Bradophen, BTC, Cequartyl, Drapolene, Dropolex, Enuclene, Germitol, Gesminol, Osuan, Quaternary ammonium compounds, Paralkan, Parasterol, Benirol, Barquat MB-50/80, Zephiran chloride, benzalkonium chloride, Bkc 50%, Bkc 80%


§ Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry : - Safety factor of Benzalkonium chloride leads to use in various topical and ocular products as a preservative and to optimise emolliency and substantivity.

§ Food and Beverage Industry : - On account of its non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-staining characteristics, Benzalkonium chloride is widely used in the formation of cleaner-sanitizers for:
( Dairy industries - Fisheries - Food storage tanks - Slaughter houses - Breweries - Catering industry - Bottling plants - Milk storage tanks - Cold storage plants )

§ Polymer & Coating Industry: - BKC is widely used as an anti-static, emulsifier & preservative in the coatings Industry (Wood treatment, Electronics, Paints).

§ Oil and Gas : - Pipeline corrosion inhibitor. prevents formation of sulphurous gases. De-emulsifier/sludge breaker for enhanced oil extraction.

§ Textile Industry : - BKC solutions are used as moth repellants, permanent retarders in dyeing of acrylic fibers with cationic dyestuffs.

§ Mfg. Detergent-Sanitisers : - Bkc safely incorporates both microbicidal & detergency properties into products for soil penetration and disinfection, which makes it ideal for formulation of hygiene products for personal hygiene, Hospital, Livestock and Food & dairy use.

§ Chemicals Industry : - As a precipitant, phase transfer catalyst, emulsifier/de-emulsifier.

§ Water treatment : - used in water and effluent treatment formulations and algaecides for swimming pools.

§ Leather Industry : - Inhibits growth of mould & mildew on hides. Facilitates leather softening, wetting & dyeing.

§ Pulp and Paper Industry : - Used as general microbicide for slime control & odour management, and improves paper handling. (Imparts strength and antistatic properties)

§ Aquaculture : - Reduces the requirement of harmful antibiotics in aquaculture through improved hygiene. Used for water treatment, general site disinfection, fish parasite removal, prevention of infectious disease in fish and shelfish.

§ Hotriculture & Household : - Bkc is highly effective against mould, mildew, moss fungi & algae and is used for cleaning and preparation of all types surfaces; greenhouses, roofing, paths, wooden decking, sheds, masonry

§ Timber protection : - Global environment concern has led to increasing replacement of chlorinated biocides with safer, biodegradable Bkc in wood protection. It displays excellent fungicidal and algaecidal properties, and is highly effective against other organisms in combination formulations.

§ Available in Net 50kg-100kgs & 200kgs HDPE drums.
§ UN3261 8/PG 3, UN2922(Transport UN Code)




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